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4 In 1 Paper Trimmer

A4 Paper Trimmer prescribed use The trimmer is designed for the creative cutting of paper, film and other suitable soft materials. The Trimmer has 4 Blades, Straight Cut, Perforated, Wavy, and Score. The Straight and Perforated Blades allows you to cut 5 Sheets at once whilst the Wavy Blade cuts 3 sheets at the same time. The Score Blade will slightly marked the Paper allowing you fold the paper in an clean and accurate manner. The Trimmer has an extendable arm which allows you to accurately trim paper in both portrait and landscape. Safety instructions In case of any damage caused by the failure to observe these operating instructions, or any improper use or operation, or the failure to observe the safety instructions, then the guarantee for this product, will be invalid.
Do not use the cutting head to carry the trimmer.
Do not overload the Paper trimmer. Do not insert more sheets or stronger sheets than stated in the Technical data.
Do not touch the edge of the blades as they are very sharp!
Please keep this operating manual for further reference!
If you pass this device on to third parties, please forward this operating manual as well. Operation Do not cut hard material such as metal strips, glass etc. Always operate the device with both hands. Use the device on a stable, flat and even surface only. Before each cut please check that the Blade in the cutting head is secure. z Place the Paper Trimmer onto a non-slip surface. z Push the cutting head to the top of the ruler. z Place the material to be cut under the cutting ruler and bring it into the required position. z Press the cutting ruler onto the material and with one hand, hold it in place. z Now, pull the cutting head in a constant movement and with slight downward pressure along the cutting ruler. Instruction on how to Change the Blade Remove the Yellow Clip from one end of the Trimmer, (marked with an arrow pointing up). Slide the Metal Bar forward through the slot where you have just removed the yellow clip, until the other end of bar comes out, lift the bar slightly then slide back and remove bar completely. Slide the old Blade off the Bar and replace with a new Blade. To replace the Bar, slide through the hole then push the other end of the Bar back into it’s original position and then replace the yellow clip. Trimmer is now ready to use again.

Specifications/Technical Data
Cutting length 304mm
Straight cutting blade 5 sheets (70gsm)
Perforated cutting blade 5 sheets (70gsm)
Wavy cutting blade 3 sheets (70gsm)
Cutting capacity Score 3 Sheets (70gsm)
Cutting size A4 / A5 / A6 / A7 (70gsm)
Net Weight 0.28kg
Product size (WxDxH) 391 x 108 x 33m

Paper Cutter Light

Manual paper cutter
Size 9" / 12"/ 18"/ 24"/ 32" 

Paper Cutter 112 ,115 , 118

Paper Cutter 112 ,115 , 118

A potable A3 guillotine trimmer, ideal for making those final alterations to any notice, poster or document. Ideal for offices, schools, copy shops or print houses, make sure your laminated media is properly trimmed using this fantastic product.


  • Guillotine cutting arm
  • Max Cutting Thickness: 5 sheets - 80 gsm paper
  • Weight: 1.8 Kg
  • Dimensions: 630mm x 340mm x 100m

Paper Cutter 015c, 018c

Paper Cutter  015c, 018c

Our wide range of A3 18 Inch Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Machine is designed as per the latest industry requirements. These are tested to ensure that the products are free from defects. The range is manually & electrically operated and is known for its precise cutting, easy operation and low power consumption.

Product Description

  • Paper Cutter Heavy Duty
  • Paper specifications: A-3 only
  • Cutting capacity: especially for PVC Also suitable for cutting thick/strong paper, card, etc.

Cutter 5 In 1

Dual Cutter All in one
Paper Trimmer and guillotine cutter
Round corner cutter
Straight cutting, perforating cutting , wave cutting.
retractable guillotine handle for easy storage
Portable Design.
comes with a spare cutting mat

Rotary Trimmer, 12", 18", 24", 40"

Rotary Trimmer

Size 12"/18"/24"/40"
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Rotary

Paper Rim Cutter A/3


Paper Rim Cutter Manual A/3

Product Description :

This machine adopts rocking-turn pressing paper and uses lever-cutting to make cutting easily and convenient. Cutter chooses excellent steel and the hardness is up to the international standard. The base molding by one time and looks very beautiful. The slice is durable, operating easily and cutting smoothly.


Product Description

1) cut height :40mm
2) Well designed & highly precision &sharp cutter
3) High quality steel body, plastic handle

1. Specifications opotional: A/3
2. Have the extra plastic cover;
3. Functions: Cutting the paper, film,
4.with the optional stand or cabinet,


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 858

Electric Rim Cutter

We manufacture a wide range of Electric Cutter machine that is available in A4 & A3 sizes. These are designed as per the latest requirements of the industry and are tested to ensure their flawlessness. Our range is capable of cutting papers within a short interval of time and provides a neat look to the papers. These are appreciated for their low noise operation, power saving capacity and easy installation.



  • Cutting width            :   320mm
  • Max.cutting thickness:   30mm
  • Paper pressing style  :   Manual
  • Paper pushing style   :   Automatic
  • Motor power              :  AC220V/550W
  • Package                   :  1PC/wooden carton


Paper cutter
1. Automatic press the paper structure makes easy to operate
2. Heavy rack-optimized design, precision machining

Paper cutter

Automatic press the paper structure makes easy to operate;

Heavy rack-optimized design, precision machining, it is more stable and durable;

It is using the new highly integrated and  high stability components, the original electronic knife-bit direct line to ensure reliable operation of equipment;

Touch mode button panel, double hands interlocked, automatic reset function to protect the absolute security;

Adopting high steel blade, sharp and endurance;

Unique fault self-testing features that make your operation more handy;

Graceful appearance, concise design. beautiful and practical.

Technical Parameters



Maximum thickness


Pressure Paper Type


Push paper form



AC 220V/550W


1 / wooden box

Package Size

370 * 630 * 725mm

Electric Cutter GBT 450

Product Details:
  • Cutting Disc Size (inch): 8 inch
  • Brand: GBT
  • Power Consumption (Watt): 900W
  • No Load Speed (rpm): 2800
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Model: GBT 450
  • Item Weight (Kgs): 115 Kgs

Half Cutting Machine

Sticker Half Cutting Machine

Max Width              :       500
Distance                 :      10mm
Speed                    :        100 rpm
Voltage                  :           220V
Dimension              :          780*1210*840mm
Weight                   :          50KG
Half-cutting blade   :         12; Perforating blade: 1; Rubber wheel: 2.

460 Electric Paper Cutter

Electric paper cutter Size Available 18" - 20" - 24"-

Motor clamping and cutting, digital control, two-hand operaion,infrared wall, cm and inches shift,precision<0. 5mm

Main feature of paper cuttter 460:

1. Patent of independent clamp paper
Different pressure to different kinds of cutting materials, solve spring-press precision not high, improve efficiency.

2. Automatic paper push-out after cutting
Automatic paper push-out, save time and promote efficiency

3. High speed, powerful motor
High speed, force and thickness, make the max thickness up to 50mm, meet different cutting need.

4. High quality alloy blade capable for more than 12000 times cutting

5. Patent of blade adjustment from outside of machine
The blade depth can be adjusted at will from outside avoid incomplete cut

6. Digital control
Numerical control keypad, input cut size easily

7. LCD display
direct viewing operational signal, error alarms, be clear at a glance, convenience and fast.

8. Safety
CE standard, two hand operation, infrared wall protection, air breaker protect etc.

Max. Cutting Width :460mm
Max. Cutting Lenght :460mm
Max. Cutting Thickness :50mm
Voltage :220V, 50HZ
Motor Power :750w
Weight :120Kgs
External Dimensions :730mmX 850mm X 1000mm


Electric Paper Cutter 20 inch GBT 520

Products Details: GBT 520 / 20”
1.Blade clearance adjustment.
2. Independent clamp technology ensures perfect cutting precision.
3.Infrared safety protection.
4. Infrared cutting line.
5.LCD display, self check system, find the problem quickly.
6. Numerical-control,program-control,step model.
7.The cutting depth and size calibration can bu adjusted by setting the program.
8.Double lead screws for pushing paper plate form without siot design, to make the pressure more equal and improve cutting accuracy.
9. Inclined blade cutting technology.
10.High quality alloy blade capable for more than 12000 times cutting(optional)


Model                                               : GBT 520 / 20”

Max.Cutting width                             : 520X520mm

Max. Cutting height                           : 60mm

Min.Cutting depth                              : 50mm

Precision                                           : ±0.3mm

Clamp paper                                      : Automatic

Push paper                                         : Automatic

Cutting length behind knife                 : 520mm

Table length infront knife                    : 290mm

Safely                                               : IR Bar

Power                                                : AC 220V/110V±10% 
                                                                  50HZ (60HZ) 750W

Shipping Dimension (mm)             :1180X1090X970mm

Gross Weight                                      : 284KGS

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