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Hardcover Making Machine

Product Details:
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
  • Brand/Make: GBT

Hardcover Making Machine 
The machine takes use of the principle of reflection and refraction of light to position the cover at the central area, so one can see the position of the book spine clearly. The positioning speed and precision is greatly improved. There is also assistant sucking device under pressure to make the cover flat and not move, so there will be no air bubbles. The cover, cardboard and central spine board can be adjusted and positioned accurately. The adaptble thickness of cardboard is 0.5-6 mm. 

Dimensions: 700*570*230mm/1110*700*230mm 
Max cover area: 600*520mm/980*630mm 
Cardboard thickness: 0.5-6mm 
Finished book cover size, max: A4/A3 format (binding the long side) 
Positioning mode: Central positioning 
Reflection and refraction device: Available

A 3 Paper Folding Machine GBT304B

Product Details:
  • Power supply: AC220V,50-60Hz 1.1A
  • Folding type: Single fold,double fold,letter fold,accordion fold (Z fold),Irregular accordion fold ,gate fold
  • Dimensions: 1030 W*530D* 570Hmm
  • Feeding Method: Friction feeding
  • Number of folding plate: 4 folding plates
  • Suitable paper size (original): Max.310(W)*720(L)mm
  • Paper thickness: 45gsm-157gsm
  • Paper quality: Fine quality paper, rough paper, Recycled paper,coated paper
  • Process speed: 160 sheets/min (A4 80 gsm, single fold)
  • Folding stopper: Manual setting
  • Cross fold: Equipped with indentation structure,cross fold can be fold by indentation.
  • Capacity: 300 Sheets
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
  • Brand/Make: GBT

A-3 Paper Folding Machine GBT304B

Main Features:

1. Imported infrared sensor switch, high separation precision, without double feeding.
2.Feed angle can be adjusted by fine-tuning knob to prevent deflection feed
3. Four stalls feed pressure adjustable, to meet different paper specifications feeding smoothly, and suitable for coated paper folding;
4. Using a special folding roller, high wear resistance,anti-static(imported rubber roller)
5. Folding plate with quick adjustment knob and fine adjustment knob, user to adjust folding quickly, the process is very simple! the folding plate is also a skew adjustment function;
6.Equipped with a counter for counting the number of folding, reaches the set value is automatically shut down;
7. The paper pressing wheel is adjustable, adjust pressure according to the finished paper size, the paper received more orderly;
8.This machine adopts advanced all belts gearless drive system, low noise;
9.Having a circuit overload protection, automatic power off when overload and shut down.


Automatic Perfect Binding Machine With Creasing Machine

Automatic Perfect Binding Machine With Creasing Machine

50R Glue binding machine

1. The automatic design structure and it has the function of the electric eyes to detect;

2. Touch the key then you can finish all the flow conveniently and quickly.

3. Microcomputer producer controlling, Chinese and English can be converted with liquid crystal display

4. Adjust it just depend on the operating speed;

5. High speed alloy milling cutter which keep coat paper full;

6. Elegant and heavy frame design

7. The instruction of double straight line lead rail

8. Clamping style,clamping time and clamping pressure can be adjusted conveniently.

9. Adopt aluminium tank alloy to make sure the glue is not easy to go black.Double roller can guarantees the evenness of gluing and hard.


Max binding length430mm
Max binding thickness58-60mm
Binding Efficiency280books/h
Milling cutterSunknife+small milling cutter
Duration for glue melt〈30min
Packing size1655*730*1110mm

ID Card Lamination Machines LM 04

Approx Price: Rs 1,400 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
ID Card Lamination Machines LM 04

Features:1) Laminating width: 118mm2) Max laminating thickness: 0.60mm 3) Pouch thickness: 80mic~125mic4) Ready time: 4~8 minutes5) Power consumption: 100W6) Speed: 330mm/min7) Machine dimensions: 208 x 138 x 65mm8) Unit weight: 0.82kg
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