CURRENCY Note Counting And Detection Machine

(FCD 118) Fake Note Detector

We are offering Fake Note Detector FCD 118 and Fake Note Detector
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  • Item Code: FCD-118

Currency Counting And Detecting Machine

Counterfeit Money Detector
UV, Watermark Detection with magnifying glass
Compact and portable
Easy to use
Energy saving auto on / off switch
powerful UV light Detector (15 W lamp)
Fluorescent light for watermark verification
Power supply             :      220v 50~60Hz
Power Consumption   :     < 10w
Size                             :      190x130x140mm
Weight                        :       0.55kg  

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  • Item Code: FCD2138

Fake Note Detector- (GBT FCD 818)

We are offering GBT FCD 818 Fake Note Detector

Our organization offers a quality range of Fake Note Detector that is easy to use and can be manually operated. These are capable of detecting the fake notes in a bunch without consuming more time. The range is compact in design, requires low maintenance and offers hassle free operation.


UV Lamp :- The UV Lamp can detect counterfied money, stock note,credit card. traveller's cheques, fluorescent marks & other legal documents. it can even detect minutest trace of kind of man made fiber.

Water mark :- the water mark can detect and check the water mark , wire pattern. figure and any painted out the money.

Magnifying lens :- it makes it easy to detect minute mark, when the UV lamp and white light are on. the currenc is magnified manifold.

Compact and portable and easy to use
N. Weight        :     710g
G. Weight        :     920g
UV lamp          :         11W
Dimensions    :        285x162xx156mm
Power supply :        AC 220V 50Hz - 60Hz
                                   AC 220V 50Hz - 60Hz
Power Consumption :  11W

Fake Note Detector (GBT FCD M05)

We are offering currency counting machine - GBT FCD m05
Multi - function money detector
UV, mg,wm detection function with mannfier.
Alert indicator and alart beep are optional in magnetic detection.
The magnifier size is 97*50mm , multiple is decuple.
Power source: ac220v/50hz/ac 100v/60hz, dc12.
There is a converting switch for ultraviolet and watermark.

V-30 Portable Counting Machine

Portable counting machine

Counting Speed1000 pcs per min.
Countable Currency Size130 x 50---- 180 x 1000
Counting Range0 - 999
LED Display3 digits (max. Display 999)
Power Consumption3 w / hour
Power Source4 'AA' battries & 230 VAC
(with separate AC adaptor)
AccessoriesCarry Case, AC adaptor, Instruction Manual

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  • Pay Mode Terms: Other

LC 002 Loose Note Counting With Fake Currency Detector

Approx Price: Rs 7,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Piece
Product Details:
  • Type: Automatic
  • Counting Speed(Notes/min): 1000
  • Dimensions: 28X20X32 CM
  • Color: White

GBT LC 002 Speaking Loose Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector”
note counting machine can count about 1000 notes per minute with the press of a button. Process and manage cash with this machine within minutes and make the tedious task of counting bundles of cash easy and accurate. It has a well-lit built-in display as well as an external display for the ease of viewing the result.

Counterfeit Detectors
This currency counting machine is equipped with UV and MG sensors that work to detect chain, cut, fake and duplicate notes while counting them. The machine halts to notify you of any counterfeit note that it detects so that you can take appropriate action before resuming the process.Automatic detection with UV (ultraviolet) MG (Magnetic) while counting * Speaking Loose Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector”* Suitable for most currencies in the world* Automatic start, stop and clearing* With batching, adding and self-examination functions* Double-notes detecting with IR (infrred ray) detection system* Automatic half-note detection Currency Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector * Automatic detecting with UV (ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) while counting* Sound error indicator for chained notes, double notes, jammed banknotes, half note ,counterfeit note detection.* Suitable for most currencies in the world* UV(Ultraviolet), MG(Magnetic) detection* With batching,adding,and self-examination functions* Double-notes detecting with IR (Infrared) detection system* Automatic half-note detection* Automatic start,stop and clearing LC 002 is a stylish and compact,accurate counter with a LED display on Machine and one LED external display, reducing labor time,The unit is equipped with a micro-computerized mechanism that allows an accurate and high-speed money counting process -up to 1,000 Notes per minute. currencies and has ADD and BATCH functions for fast adding up and giving exact money. It is a useful tool for supermarkets, retail locations and many other business environments where cash transactions are a daily Features Functions Specifications Acceptable Denominations Rs 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Countable Note Size 7 x 5 cm, 10 x 6 cm Hopper Capacity 150 notes Model Name GBT LC001 Stacker Capacity 150 Notes Adjustable Speed No Suitable Currency Indian Rupees, USD, EURO Detection Technology IR/Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor Counting Speed 1000 notes/min

LC 001 Loose Note Counting Machine

GBT Currency Counting Machine (LC 001) 

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the clients, we offer Currency Counting Machine (Loose Note). These are available in various sizes, lengths and dimensions. The range is capable of systematically counting loose notes within a short interval. Our range is appreciated for its compact design, low noise and smooth operation.

GBT Currency Counting Machine

offers several models of money counters. Our digital money counters are designed for counting bills and banknotes in several currencies as well ne great tool at affordable price! It is ideal for shops and small business owners.

Bill Counter

Automatic Start/Stop

Automatic Clearing

Power Consumption 70W

Sleek And Flexible.


LC 002 Loose Note Counting Machine

Detailed Product Description 


1.Newly-developed and stylish,
2.Best tool in the business
3.Saves time and labor



Nationally first touch screen model

Universal design with:

·                                 Front and side double large LED display, timing and counting, 

·                                 Sliding storage box, convenient for use

Functions:                     Automatic on and off, Intelligent discriminating, variably preset, Perpetual calendar

Detection mode:          Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) detection, Automatic narrow-note, broken-note, detection

Displays           :             Front display, Large side LCD display with touch pad and control panel, Outer display

                 Applicable banknote: Suitable for most currencies in the world



·   Counting Speed: 

 >1000 bills/min

·   Counting Display:

 1 - 9999

·    Preset Batches:

 1 - 999

·    Hopper Capacity:


·   Stacker Capacity:


·   Power Supply:

 AC 220V(1±10)%, 50Hz

·  Power:


·    Overall Weight:


·    Size (L x W x H):

 315 x 258 x 175mm

·      Color:



BC 001 (Bundle Counting)

BC 001
Desk Top Currency Counting Machine

Vacuum Suction based technology with five spindles Useful for bundled note or loose note counting. Heavy duty & high speed operation. Auto and manual control of counting. User-friendly operation. High precision accuracy. Alarm message for errors. Low noise operation. High reliability and versatility. Special dust collecting filters. Steel / fiber body, easy to move. Elegant, compact & portable design. Optional count for all types of documents like cheques, vouchers and coupons. Specially designed for handling all kinds of Indian currency.

BC-002 (Bundle Note Counting)

GBT 002 BC Currency Counting Machine and Bundle Note Counting Machine - (Bc-002).

We offer a precision engineered range of Currency Counting Machine (Bundle Note) that is capable of working without wasting time. The machine operates at a low noise and provides easy reading of the currency. These are light in weight and available in many sizes & dimensions.


  • Smooth operation

  • Compact design

  • Longer functional life


Note Strip Binding Machine


Simply operate and quickly bind with paper tape.
The cost of paper tape used is low and can be stamped.
Display with LED.


* Full-automatic and Quick Banding and stamping (optional)

* Mirocomputer Control and Easy Operation

* Hot-Press Banding makes it artistic and firm

* The position of banding paper tape is adjustable

* Degree of tightness and temperature are adjustable


Power source: AC220v 50Hz 60Hz

Power consumption: Max 80w, stand by 20w

Paper type suitable for DET 20 x 130mm

The distance between the central point and the shorter end of the bank notes is 20-83mm

Binding speed : once/2s

Unit Dimension: 232x 172 x 223 mm

Net weight: 7.5Kg

Bundle Note Binding Machine

Product functions

Instant heat:No warm-boot,open then can direct use

Easy to operate:Please put the notes vertically into entrance,then automatically finished theaction.

Show function:Chinese,English shows for global.The machine functions, failure at a glance.

Users can exclude their operation. Reduce the probability of repair.Improve user productivity.

Set up a simple:Demand on the heating temperature can be set.

Safe and nice:Automatic timing function.Note in the stop bar after 2 hours,machine automatically

fault shutdown,can safety,environmental protection,energy saving effect.

General Supplies:Users can adjust by setting the temperature of hot pressing to meet the different use of paper tape.

Ambient Temperature:




Standby power: ≤10W

Max power: ≤60W

Binding Speed:

≤1.5 seconds/once



Paper Wide:





(L)240mm (W)200mm (H)220mm

Net Weight:


Gross Weight:


Carton Packing:


Dimensions: (L) 315 mm (W) 250 mm (H) 280 mm

Paper Cutter And Note Counting Machine

Note Counting Machine
Bundle Note Counting
Loose  Note  Counting
Fake Note Detectors 
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